Animal Character Design 103

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About Course

 Animal Character Design

Animal character design is a mixture of animals studies and character design. A character designer (or character artist) creates the entire concept, style, and artwork of a character from scratch. As you learn cartoon character design for animation you will take a deep look into the character’s personality to develop a visual idea of the character’s physical features.

In this course, you will learn character cartoon animal designs for animation by doing character studies and developing a variety of characters from different genres and places with a focus on Animal characters. You will learn to push your imagination to create and design amazing likable animal character designs with international appeal.

After you complete each assignment in this learn character design for the animation series, your teacher will review and correct your characters.  Instructors, give you instruction on how to make your character designs more appealing. So make sure you do the homework or your instructors won’t have any feedback for you!  Animals are fun to draw and even more fun to draw from life.

Enjoy the animal character design process of studying them.

Therefore, You should carry a sketchbook and study them at a zoo or a dog park. Most importantly, analyze the animals. Don’t just copy them! As a result,  Drawing animals and understanding the simple anatomy is a great exercise for artists. Consequently, you can learn the basics from a dog or a horse and then move on to the other ones. That is to say, start simple! However, you should challenge yourself and try exotic animals.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:


  • Designing a walrus family
  • Large four-legged beasts
  • Elephants
  • Colors and textures of cats and dogs
  • Fish
  • Frog’s and Toad’s
  • Props and cloths
  • Small rodents
  • Birds with emotions
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What Will You Learn?

  • Design Characters with international appeal
  • Learn what gives stories and characters depth
  • refine your cartoon drawing skills
  • Get credit towards your degree

Course Content

Prestons Blairs Goofy Character
Practice Preston Blairs goofy character with animals.

  • The Goofy Character Session 1
  • The Goofy Character session 1

Walrus Family of Three
Learn to design characters that interact with each other.

Wildebeest Zebra and Gazelle Herd Animals
Design large four legged beasts.

5 Elephant Gestural Color Sketches
Learn to design Elephants

Cats and Dogs with Color and Texture
Design and explore shape and texture with cats and dogs.

Trout and Flounder
Design for a cartoon series involving two fish.

Frog and Toad
Designing amphibious characters

Construction Worker Bulldog
Designing animal characters with props and cloths.

Army Rats and Mice
Designing small rodent characters.

Three Birds, Three Emotions
Designing birds with emotions.

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