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About Course

Learn Animation Online

Animation 104 is the fourth course in this series, where you can learn animation at home online. This animation course is part of our diploma program. In this online course, we cover the fourth level of a series of pencil tests. These tests are designed to teach you all the aspects of hand-drawn animation in a series of courses that take you from the simple bouncing ball to complicated run cycles and secondary effects. In this online animation course there are 12 levels of tests, and each test teaches you a different aspect or element of animation. At the end of your full program with us, you will be fully prepared to animate your own short film including the backgrounds and effects animation. Take this course as part of our full time diploma program or as an independent course and learn how to animate like a pro!

In order to take this course, you must have completed Animation 103 or the equivalent.

This course can be taken for degree credit.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn from professionals
  • Learn exactly what you need to know for a studio job
  • Get professional critiques on your work
  • This course can be credited towards your degree

Course Content

Sack waves hello, and sack walks in and out of screen
Animate a pencil test of the sack waiving hello, and a sack walking in and then out of frame.

  • Sack waves hello
  • Sack waiving session 1

Sack punches hard
Animate a sack throwing a hard punch.

Sack picks up a heavy bowling ball
Animate a sack lifting heavy bowling ball.

Sack walk cycle
Animate a sack walking.

Sack gets happy sad and mad
Learn to animate the physical gestures of the emotions.

Candle burning, and candle burning out and smoking
Animate a candle burning loop, and a candle burning then burns out and smokes for 3 seconds.

Flag wave
Animate a flag waving in the wind.

Sack throws water balloon
Animate flag through a water baloon.

Sack catches water balloon
Animate a sack catching a water balloon.

Sack run cycle.
Animate a sack running

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