Intro to 2d Animation

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Intro to 2D Animation

This is an introductory course in 2d animation.  The above video is the reason most of us got into animation! Am I right? You see Disney animation like that, and you say I want to do that!

The course is an introduction class to the wonderful world of animation. Concepts like software and principles will be discussed. The software can be anything that you feel comfortable using. For this class, I use the Ipad and 2d animation software. I also use the rough animator app.  Specifically, for character animation the Ipad pro is ideal.

We will cover the 12 principles of animation. You will complete a pencil test to illustrate each principle. This course is meant to be a general overview. The concepts in this course will be reviewed in other courses. Animation can be a bit daunting at first. Basically, you can see animation as a language. It certainly is a skill that will take time to understand and master. Generally in 2d character animation, you should practice and be patient. That is to say, the concepts are difficult to understand.  The three books that we use are the Illusion of life, The animator’s survival kit, and  Cartoon Animation.

What do I need to know for Character animation 101?

You should have a solid grasp of draftsmanship for animation. At least you should have taken figure drawing and animal design. Another point to remember is that 2d character animation is not motion graphics. 2d animation is character animation.  Character animation generally speaking is acting and specifically portraying feelings.  2d character animation must be approached very loosely and gesturally. You should remember that a loose lively line is better than a tight rendered line. 2d character animation is based entirely on drawing, unlike 3d animation.

Did you love the animation at the beginning of this page? If you did, you are in the right place! If your heart jumps when you see beautiful animation and you want to be part of that world, this is where you belong!


Some of the concepts covered in this animation course are:

  • The 12 principles of animation
  • Squash and Stretch
  • Anticipation
  • Staging
  • Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose
  • Follow Through and Overlapping Action
  • Ease in Ease out
  • Arcs
  • Secondary Action
  • Timing
  • Exaggeration
  • Solid Drawing and Appeal
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Course Content

Getting Started
Here are a couple of short tutorials on how to navigate through your classes and turn in assignments. Make sure you watch the one on turning in assignments before you turn in your first assignment.

  • How to turn in your assignments

Intro to the 12 Principles of Animation
This Is an intro to the 12 principles of animation, and what we will be covering this introductory class.

The First Principle of Animation
The First Principle of Animation is Squash and Strech.

The Second Principle of Animation
The Second Principle of Animation is Anticipation

The Third Principle of Animation
The third principle of animation is Staging

The Fourth Principle of Animation
Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose

The Fifth Principle of Animation
Follow through and overlapping action

The Sixth Principle of Animation
Ease in Ease out

The Seventh Principle of Animation

The Eighth Principle of Animation
Secondary Action

The Ninth Principle of Animation

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