Animation pencil test 202

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Animation Pencil test 202

These animation pencil test are a continuation of our  lessons.  In the next batch of animation lessons, you will continue to push further into character animation and effects. Water splashes and animal jumps are part of your schedule. We also will cover elements like smoke, which really does not have any form but definitely has rhythm and texture. Make sure your animation test, timing is not all the same. Slow in and slow out are key! Please read our three animation books and study them. The illusion of life is a great example of a character animation pencil test.  Likewise, you should have taken the animation 101 classes. Animation should be done out of love for the medium, if this is a chore, it might not be for you. Animators love what they do, you should too.

It is important to do a really good job on these test?

A pencil test is a pencil test, right? There are so many of them!  Please see the importance of your animation test. Try to understand that this is your ticket to an animation job! Studios of all sizes want to see your animation pencil test. If you just do the assignment in a sloppy hurried way, you are doing it all wrong.   In other words, if you do a messy animation test you will have a lazy boring, mediocre reel. As a result, you will not be taken seriously. Use plenty of references! Video reference is an animator’s best friend! Make use of it. Don’t try to just do it from your memory but really study the action from the video first. Anything else is LAZY.

Topics covered in Animation Pencil test 202

  • Fish jumping out of water
  • bird jumping
  • cat jumping
  • water drips
  • smoke and steam
  • leaf falling
  • Frog morphs into cat.
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Course Content

Animation 202 session 1 fish jumps
In this 10 week session we continue to work on acting and action. These animation pencil test will develope your skill an an animator and actor with a pencil!

  • Animation 202 fish jumps
  • Animation 202 session 1 fish jumping assighment

Animation 202 session 2 Jumping bird
Before a bird flys he usually jumps into the air thats what you are doing today! Yeah!

Animation 202 session 3 sack jumps
What a great set up! A sack jumps! You love animating sacks don't you? Make it good!

Animation 202 session 4 water drips on ground
Heres your chance to really nail the water drip! Let that drip really hang for awhile before it falls. Exagerate the timing . Make it entertaining! If we have to see another boring drip just falling with the same timing we are going to scream. Seriously make it look good.

Animation 202 session 5 water pours on surface
Use some reference and take a look at water falling on the surface of water. You can choose whatever situation you want .

Animation 202 session 6 Smoke
Ah, smoke. It is one of those beautiful elements that you rarley see animated by hand because 3D can do it so perfectly photorealistic. However there is a real beuty and elegance that a 2d hand animated sequence can bring, and your going to discover it!

Animation 202 session 7 Glass drop 1
In this test a glass object is falling down and hitting the ground and then it will shatter!

Animation 202 session 8 Leaf falls into water.
This will be a beautiful and gentle animation of a leaf as it gently falls into a still body of water and creates soft gentle ripples.

Animation 202 session 9 Frog turns into a cat!
Frog turns into cat. This one is alot of fun! Such a magical animation like this deserves your love and attention!

Animation 202 session 10 Personal drop test
Drop anything you want! Drop a shoe! Drop a boulder! Drop your grandma! You can animate anything you want, just make it good!

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