Character Design 201

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About Course

Character design 201

In this exciting intermediate character design class we will be focusing on classic movie monsters! From the great black and white universal movies to the modern alien movies we will create our own characters.

Using a variety of methods you will take well known characters that most movie watches are familiar with, and make your own unique character design. 

Each assignment will require plenty of research both from movies and pictures. You will need to sift through the reference and come up with what is important and what you can tweak and change. 

We will cover the following topics

  • Creating unique designs from older tropes and characters
  • Creating familiar characters that are both expressive and imaginative
  • Use of simple shapes and broad gestures to give life to your character design drawings
  • Reference photos and videos from the internet are must, all the details must be incorporated from reference
  • Choosing the proper emotional impact of monster characters. Funny or scary or both!
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What Will You Learn?

  • Design Characters with international appeal
  • Learn what gives stories and characters depth
  • refine your cartoon drawing skills
  • Get credit towards your degree

Course Content

In this session we will do a character design on Count Dracula king of all vampires!

  • Dracula
  • Dracula session 1

Frankenstein Character design
Draw a monster character design for the Frankenstein monster.

Wolfman Monster
Creating the wolfman from scratch! Things might get hairy but you will have a howling time as you create both the human and monster form of the wolfman!

The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
This monster is a water monster and is humanoid, part fish part human and all Monster! Make sure you look for reference from the original 1950's American movie!

The Mummy
The mummy is an ancient creature who is wrapped in burial bandages. You should do an interesting backstory for your mummy and use action and attitude, don't just do what's been done before!

The Bride of Frankenstein
Even though we have drawn the bride before we are concentrating on the her again to give her some more pizzaz!

The phantom of the Opera
Using inspiration draw the Universal famous movie monster the Phantom of the Opera!

Alien invaders
Draw some hostile alien invaders here to conquer earth! Hail our alien overlords!

Insect Monsters
Draw those huge giant insect monsters that all give us the creeps!

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