Character design Concept 203

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Character design concept 203

The character design concept is the art of coming up with various designs and is used to inspire production.  This job is considered one of the most fun of all jobs! You can let your imagination go wild! You get a script or idea and you just start drawing! Explore with imagination. Don’t worry if it will work for production, your job is to just visually explore. Color and design all play a part in the creative process. As a result, the more you know the more you can explore.

How is this different from Character design?

There is much more exploration and experimentation. Therefore, your work might not show up in the final movie, however, it inspires the final product. Character designers will use early concept art to inspire them to draw for production work. You can get a good idea of what concept art looks like by looking at these art books. You should also be familiar with the character design classes we offer.  This is an advanced class. Subsequently, we will approach this session as a real working studio, We give you the character design assignment and you create the artwork.

How does character artist create their art?

Usually, in a studio setting, a director gives whatever information the artist needs to create.  During this time the direction of the film can change several times. There might not even be a script to work from! For example, sometimes all character design artists have to work from is just a spoken idea! Above all, you must be able to take critique. Most importantly, you have to work with the art director.

What is the key to Character concept art?

Play!  Play with your artwork and ideas! You really need to approach this with experimentation.  Explore and don’t be afraid to do things that don’t feel right. You can make as many characters as you want. in conclusion, this is hard work, but similarly fun!  As a result, you might think it will be easy. That is to say, this will be an easy class. During your play, you will notice how difficult it is to come up with a new character design idea. For example, your work will start to resemble each other. However good you are, it’s difficult to break your style. For instance, if you always draw cartoon characters, can you draw realistic ones too? Likewise, you need to be able to draw with different mediums and brushes.


Firslty you draw a rough sketch. Secondly you experiment with what you got. Moreover you try another one and another one! Here are some concepts we will discuss in the character design concept class

  • shapes and line
  • colors and form
  • silhouette and staging
  • stereotypes
  • broad gestures
  • contrast and character
  • emotions and feeling
  • action and attitude
  • simple shapes and reference
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What Will You Learn?

  • The skills to draw and create your own characters in a very loose and experimental way.

Course Content

Character design Concept 203 session 1
This course will take you through the full process of creating character concept art for video games, film and streaming animation.

  • Character design concept session 1 Space suit, action pose.
  • Character design concept 203 session 2 Space suit, action pose.

Character deisgn concept 203 session 2 African warrior
Study african tribes and make a character from your reference.

Character design Concept 203 session 3 Australian outback hunter
Create your own orginal outback hunter. Could be a man or woman, use lots of aligator teeth in the appearal!

Character design Concept 203 session 4
So much fun! You can mix up wiaard of Oz and a warrior game and create your own character!

Character design Concept 203 session 5 Grandpa/Grandma warrior

Character design Concept 203 session 6 Lucha Libre
Once again do the reseah and google this. Get lots of fun colors and designs and make your own mexican wrestler!

Character design Concept 203 session 7 Animal human warrior
In this session we will concentrait on a warrior hybrid animal creature.

Character design Concept 203 session 8 Lone Wolf and Child
This is basically the lone warrior and a child that roam the world.

Character design Concept 203 session 9 Monster warrior
Another warrior! Seems like most of the games just have warriors, don't they? Oh well, we are doing a monster warrior!

Character design Concept 203 session 10 Anime character
Sigh. Sorry, this was bound to happen. We have to design a manga or anime character. The world has just become obssessed with Anime so we need to (ugh) draw them.

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