Clean up and Inking 201

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About Course

Clean up and Inking

In this most excellent  Online Animation course, you will continue to explore and practice the important and often neglected art of sketch, cleaning up, inking, and coloring in preparation for a final and finished product.  This is an essential part of your animation education. This online art course is one in a series of courses we offer for Clean up, Ink and Paint. You can take this course as one of our individual online classes or as part of our diploma program. These online animation courses are part of the whole animation training process.

Why is clean up so important?

Because you need to draw fast, you start off with a loose sketch and rough drawing. So you now have a great rough sketch, but because it is so messy you need to clean it up. Not trace but clean it up. Most, if not all of the animated films and tv shows have a nice clean line. That is what clean up and inking consist of.  There are many books on inking for comics which can give you a great understanding of a professional inked line. These online animation courses will give you 10 assignments that are designed to train the production artist.


In this online class we will cover:

  • Ink drawing not tracing!
  • In contrast with dark and white values
  • Inking with simple black and white
  • building endurance with your inking
  • practice practice practice inking speed
  • self-portrait inked drawing
  • comic book inking
  • Inking a colored comic page
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What Will You Learn?

  • Bring your illustrations to a finished level
  • Get degree credit
  • Learn skill in a lucrative field

Course Content

Introduction to clean up
In this course you will learn the importance of preparing your drawings for the final finished product. Your clean up of a rough drawing is an important step into having a beautiful colored production image.

  • Introduction to clean up
  • Introduction to clean up session 1

Inking a drawing not tracing!
Learn the all important lesson of drawing and thinking while you are inking, NOT MINDLESSLY COPYING

Contrast with inking part 1
In this session you will learn to ink like the great comic book artist using only black and white!

Contrast with inking part 2
Working from a photo you are going to make your own black and white graphic image artwork

Practice inking and speed part 1
Combining all the lessons we have learned you will now work on your speed and technique.

Practice inking and speed part 2
We will continue to pursue the perfect blend of quality and speed in our inking assignment and lesson

Self portrait ink over photo
You will not expand on the photo assignment that we did earlier by doing a photo of yourself, you can really exaggerate the contrast so the image comes out dynamic.

Original character
If this lesson you will create your own character, go through the drawing sketch and than ink and improve your drawing

Batman rough ink and color
Ink a Bruce Tim rough drawing and ink it making sure you follow the video instructions

Ink and color Hawaii character colors
You will be given a rough drawing of 3 different characters . You must choose the colors and the ink line on the background color. Use the style and colors of the background to determine the ink and coloring of the characters

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