Concept and Visual Development 301

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About Course

This online course “Concept and Visual Development for Animation” was developed for the third-year students at Dr. Beltran’s School of Animation and Visual Wonder.

In the animation industry, visual development artists imagine and propose ideas for what the animated world should look like based on the story, characters, and action. … They use animation, illustration, drawing, and design skills to create visuals that convey ideas about how they envision the look of the piece.

some of the topics covered in this course  are:

  • Understanding concept art
  • Breaking down tonal study
  • Color pallets
  • Research and Inspiration
  • Locations and their cultural influence
  • Photo reference
  • Designing from a theme
  • Creating an environment



What Will You Learn?

  • Take this course for Diploma credit
  • Advance your skills in this highly lucrative field
  • Learn to create digital art
  • Combined art and storytelling skills

Course Content

Intro to concept
What is concept art and how do we use it for animation

  • What is concept art?
  • Concept artists Session 1

Tonal thumbnails
How to use thumbnails to develop your story and concept

Breaking down art into value
Learning how to develop concept art by copying concept art and breaking it into values.

Color pallet in concept art
Using color pallets

Renaissance master copy
This week you will be recreating the work of a master artist from the high renaissance in digital format.

Designing From a Theme
Designing a concept from a given theme

Creating an environment
How do you create an environment? In this session, we will discuss what goes into coming up with various environments.

Designing a location with cultural influence
How to research, find the color's and design a location-based theme for an animated project keeping in mind any cultural implication creating to the location and theme

Digital painting part 1
Learn the basics to paint digitally

Digital painting part 2
Learn the basics of painting digitally

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