Experimental Animation 203

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Course Prerequisite(s)

  • Please note that this course has the following prerequisites which must be completed before it can be accessed
  • Intro to animation Intro to 2d Animation

About Course

Let your imagination soar with Experimental animation!

Are you familiar with Abstract art? You might want to explore the concepts! Unlike character animation, experimental animation can be quite strange!   You should have a basic understanding of animation before you take this class.   Most attempts at defining experimental animation fall flat!. A rapid succession of sequential images that create the illusion of movement – the usual definition of animation – can hardly explain what experimental animation is. It is so much more than just that!

So, what is Experimental animation?

If you want to understand it, you need to look beyond the usual technical explanation – after all, we talk here about a type of animation – and detect what makes it unique from other sequential images combined together.  This type of artwork with human emotions. The narrative is often not important. It breaks down the basic animation principles. Most importantly you are allowed to make mistakes. Encouraged even! There is no right or wrong. There is no pencil test to make sure you understand the principles. It is about expressing yourself and is often fun and entertaining.

What about the 12 principles of animation?

As a result of the experimental animation, you will discover many interesting effects! As a result, you will notice that animation principles don’t always come into play. Consequently, you have more freedom to really try out new things! That is to say, the pleasure and fun of experiments with animation open up all new doors to your films! However, it still needs to take time. On the other hand, the fun of making art might seem like it takes less time. To clarify, you still need to work hard on your projects. A lazy and rushed animation will look sloppy. For example, you are using abstract shapes, but you still need to make sure your timing looks right.

Here are some concepts and assignments you will discover!

  • Animating with an abstract brush
  • cut out animation and simplicity
  • live-action mixed with animation
  • Nightmare sequences
  • Peaceful emotions
  • Fall into insanity
  • In love
  • Heartbreak animation
  • Feeling of war
  • personal experimentation
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What Will You Learn?

  • Expand your knowledge of the animation process
  • Push yourself to learn new mediums
  • Exercise your imagination and creativity by thinking out of the box
  • Do those projects you have always wanted to to do but dont fit with inthe scope of what you have learnde intyour traditional studies.

Course Content

Experimental Animation 203 session 1 Color and brushes animation
Exploring experimental animation using various methods and concepts of an abstract or non narrative nature. In other words, lots of fun!

  • Experimental Animation 203 session 1 Color and brushes animation

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