Figure drawing 103

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About Course

Figure drawing!

In this online course, we will do the most important part of animation training. Practice our figure drawing! Practice and perseverance is the key. So far you have learned the basics of figure drawing, we recommend you take some of our previous drawing classes. now we will expand and continue to push our understanding. People come in all shapes and sizes and we must study the variety of people at our disposal. For example, old people and fat people need to study. Likewise young and thin people are great for figure drawing.   Practicing Figure Drawing online is one of the most important skills you will learn as an aspiring artist, especially for animation training. Figure drawing is a staple of this school. This is the third life drawing class in our diploma course. If you haven’t taken the intro to life drawing course I highly recommend you take that course first. This course can be taken for diploma credit or just as an independent enrichment class.

What does this class cover?

First, you must understand the importance of life drawing. Secondly, you must practice daily. Thirdly further your studies by reading drawing books. Drawing a variety of people is a must. Therefore take your sketchbook everywhere! As a result, you will be more confident drawing people.  Consequently, your work will improve so that you will be encouraged to draw even more! See, how it works?  Above all and most importantly, it’s up to you to push yourself. Be the best artist you can be and don’t settle for mediocre.

Some of the focus topics of this course are:

  • average figure and standard frames
  • the large and fat figure
  •  skinny and bony figure
  • babies
  •  little children and toddlers
  •  older children and teens
  •  older people
  • Adult body types male
  • Adult body types female
  • Clothed figures. For example, jeans and shirts.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn figure drawing on your time
  • Learn from professionals
  • Boost your drawing skills
  • Get credit towards your diploma

Course Content

Introduction and review
Lets review what we learned In your previous courses

  • Introduction and Revew
  • Introduction and Review session 1

Drawing the average figure
Practice drawing the average figure

Drawing the large figure
Learn technique for showing volume and shape.

Drawing the skinny and bony figure
Using anatomy muscle and bone structure

Drawing Babies
Learn the difference in the anatomical structures and shapes for babies.

Drawing little children
Learn the difference of drawing baby and little children

Drawing older children
Practice drawing older children in motion.

Drawing older people
Learn gesture, shape and shadows

Adult body types male
Muscular structure, volumes and mass

Adult body types female
Gesture movement and shape

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