Figure drawing 203

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Figure drawing 203 is the next step to becoming an accomplished artist.

Many artists use the phrase “life drawing” interchangeably with “figure drawing”. These both mean the same thing. This can be confusing to newer artists who are often told to draw from life. Artists take a variety of approaches to draw the human figure. They may draw from live models or from photographs, skeletal models, or memory and imagination. Most instruction focuses on the use of models in “life drawing” courses.  Figure drawing is needed in every part of the production.  Take Storyboarding for example! Have you ever heard of Heinrich Kley?  

What if I don’t have a life drawing model?

An artist should draw people all the time! By any means possible!  As a figure drawing student, you will experience firsthand the positive impact the medium can have on art students and aspiring artists alike. From understanding lighting and mark-making to depicting space and mastering proportions. Figure drawing can help an artist hone fundamental visual skills that are transferable to almost any life drawing medium. Heinrich Kley was an artist that did fantastic drawings from his memory and also from his imagination.

The use of photographic reference—although common since the development of photography—is often criticized or discouraged for its tendency to produce “flat” images that fail to capture the dynamic aspects of the subject. Drawing from imagination is encouraged for the expressiveness it encourages and criticized for the inaccuracies introduced by the artist’s lack of knowledge or limited memory in visualizing the human figure; the life drawing experience of the artist with other methods has a large influence on the effectiveness of this approach.

You can use both imagination and photo references.

That’s right! Use both! Draw people wherever you are. No people around? Draw from your imagination? Can’t think of anything? Draw from a memory of a person! It works every time! Therefore, use this class to propel you to the next skill level of figure drawing. As a result, you will find yourself constantly sketching people. and, you will develop your life drawing observational skills too! Consequently, you begin to enjoy the process. That is to say, at first it will be hard. In other words, You will struggle, and that’s good. To clarify when you don’t feel like drawing you should draw the most! Just like Heinrich Kley!, He drew from everything except a living model! His drawing was all from his head! You know, Heinrich Kley don’t you?

Who is Heinrich Kley?

Heinrich Kley (15 April 1863 in Karlsruhe – 1945 in Munich) was a German illustrator, editorial illustrator, and painter.

Kley studied “practical arts” at the Karlsruhe Akademie and finished his studies in Munich.[1] His early works were conventional portraits, landscapes, still lifes, city scenes, and historical paintings. From about 1892 he won a reputation as an “industry artist”, painting manufacturing scenes in oils and watercolors. They proved his deep understanding of the modern machine world.

In the next 10 sessions, you will see how much we have to learn from Kley!

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Course Content

Figure drawing 203 session 1 Studying Heinrich Kley
Studying Heinrich Kley is one of best ways to understand drawing from memory and the imagination! Whoo hoo! I love Kley!

  • Figure drawing 203 session 1 Kley
  • Figure Drawing 203 session 1 Kley assighment

Figure drawing 203 session 2 Death and girl
We are drawing in the style of Kley with a dramatic element.

Figure drawing 203 session 3 Kley figure inspiration part 1
In 1964 Walt Disney proclaimed, “Without the wonderful drawings of Heinrich Kley, I could not conduct my art school classes for my animators.” The strong influence of Kley is apparent in Disney films, such as Fantasia, which featured anthropomorphic animals. His influence is also clear in the work of illustrators that included Frank Frazetta, and cartoonists such as Walt Kelly. So many animators have used Kley for inspiration!

Figure drawing 203 session 4 WAR
More Kley inspiration! Are you begining to love this guy or what? So much to get out of his work!

Figure drawing 203 session 5 KLEY MODERN STYLE
More Kley! More drawings! Lets really discect and find out what makes Kleys work so dyamaic and see if we can learn and emulate that in our own style!

Figure Drawing 203 session 6 COVID
What would Kley draw in regards to Covid? That is what we are going to find out!

Figure Drawing 203 session 7 Interpetation of Kleys work_REDRAW KLEY
Now its up to you to come up with an original Kley inspired illustration!

Figure drawing 203 session 8 Kley Dance
Kley’s art was as spontaneous as it looked. Despite the complexity of his pictures and the difficulties of imagining animals performing human roles, it appears that Kley worked directly in ink, rarely drawing preliminary sketches or pencil studies before applying pen to paper. For the most part, Kley drew without models. This practice also contributed to his startling productivity.

Figure drawing 203 session 9 Figure drawing expression part 2
We take up the story of covid again but this time we make it personal. All done in the style of Kley of course!

Figure drawing 203 session 10 Draw your own story.
Finally, it should be emphasized that Kley’s private drawings were unveiled at just the right time in history, when German society had an irreverent sense of humor and relished scandalous, bawdy material. A few decades later, Germany had lost the war, been through economic disaster and was being threatened by Nazism. Kley’s audience could no longer participate so gleefully in his old irreverence. A whole new set of worries had taken its place. But those middle decades, when everything worked for Kley, were enough to produce a wealth of excellent and important material known around the world, and more than enough to qualify Kley for the Society’s Hall of Fame. David Apatoff Art critic for the Saturday Evening Post Now its all up to you, We have studied Kleys work so now you become your own "Kley"

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