Figure Drawing 301

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About Course

Figure drawing 301 is an online advanced figure drawing course for degree credit. This course is offered to our third-year students or any artist who is at an intermediate level in their draftsmanship abilities.

Figure Drawing is one of the most important skills you will learn as an aspiring artist, especially for animation training. Figure drawing is taken every quarter for all three years of our diploma course, this the very first figure drawing class in our diploma course. If you haven’t taken the intro to figure drawing course I highly recommend you take that course first. This course can be taken for diploma credit or just as an independent enrichment class.

Some fo the focus topics of this course are:

  • Review of concepts taught in previous courses
  • experimenting with various media
  • Characature of the figure
  • Working from Imagination
  • Master copies
  • The clothed model
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What Will You Learn?

  • Advance your skills as an artist
  • Get credit towards your degree

Course Content

Review of GCD
GCD stands for Gesture, Construction, and Detail. These three concepts are the building blocks of the Docs animation learning method for figure drawing.

  • Review your figure drawing technique
  • Revew GCD

Tonal figure drawing using various media
Let's experiment and learn doing tonal drawings with various media.

Introduction to caricature of the figure
learn how to characterize the figure, taking the literal, and using it for inspiration.

Caricature of the figure part 2
Finishing your caricature of the human figure, and putting all the detail in.

Creating figures from imagination part 1
Taking what you have learned and applying with out reference.

Figure drawing from Imagination part 2 the finished sketch
Drawing without reference and taking it to the finished level.

Modeling the figure monochromatic sepia color
This is a technique used by master artists, and it gives a great look and effect to your work.

Master copy figure drawing
Doing master copies is a practice dating back to the renaissance and before. It's a standard in classical art and a valuable way to learn.

Figure drawing the clothed model
Learn to understand the bend and overlapping shapes, practice taking your time with the details.

Putting it all together
Let's review all that we have covered int his course and put it all together in this final assignment

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