Figure drawing with animation 202

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About Course

Online Figure Drawing

In this next session of online figure drawing you will learn how animation and figure drawing work together. You will use video reference as you study the human figure and animate it.

Online figure drawing is difficult because traditionally figure drawing is done in an art studio or some kind of large space. In our animation school we encourage you to find a figure drawing workshop or class near you to draw from life, but our class trains you to analyze the model and interpret what you see as a three dimensional object. It doesn’t matter if you’re observing from life or from a video. Once you learn how to properly see the model you can draw with sold forms!

In this course you will train your eyes to move simple forms around and combind them with motion so that you achieve solid animation habits. It is not hard to see how animation and figure drawing work hand in hand when you consider so many of our animated characters are basically anthropomorphic animals and creatures.

When you understand the human form as a construct you can move them around with ease. In this day and age video reference is used in all studios. In this course you will get use to using video footage to create your animation.

This course is one course in our series on figure drawing, the prerequisite for this course include Figure Drawing 103 and Animation 201

In the next 10 weeks you will learn the following:

  • Drawing from photos and doing a 4 drawing turn around
  • 360 degree rotation of seated figure
  • Inbetweening the rotating figure
  • correcting your drawing using video reference
  • creating a timing chart from video reference
  • Analyzing the timing chart for key frames and gestures
  • Correcting and construing gestures
  • Animate the figure using reference straight ahead.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn and practice drawing the human figure
  • Learn to animate the human figure
  • Get credit towards your diploma
  • Become a better artist

Course Content

4 Drawing turn around
We are approaching figure drawing from an animation perspective. It is important to see this as figure drawing and that your drawings have volumes and construction, we will be using the animation charts to help us understand the animation process of i between getting and break downs.

  • Four drawing turn around animation
  • Four drawing turnaround

360 degree rotation of seated figure
Making a full rotation of the seated figure can be daunting but don’t worry its harder than it sounds. Sorry.

Inbetweeing the rotating figure
Now we are doing the important smaller shapes and rotating them by animating with big shapes

Correction using reference
You will learn how to do a clean up of a rough drawing of the model.

Create a timing chart from video reference
Using the provided video of our lovely model you will time out and plan a animation timing chart. Warning some simple math is needed, but if i can do it , you can too!

Create a timing chart and draw 12 poses
We are now adding 12 drawings to our charts

Make a time chart and animate gesture
Now do the animation of this video that is provided just do a scribble gesture, you should take no longer than 10 seconds to 1 minute for each drawing.

Correcting and construction of previous gestures
You will now, go over your loose gestures by correcting the simple proportions and anatomy as well as adding volume with construction.

Adding details
You will now take your drawings to the last level, the details.

Animate the figure using reference
Learn the value of live action reference in animating a realistic figure animation sequence

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