Figure Drawing 101

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Figure drawing 101

Human figure drawing is an important skill.  Accordingly, all animators have drawn from the human figure at one time.  Surprisingly most students find it difficult to draw people. Above all drawing from people is the pinnacle of artistic expression. There are many art books and websites devoted to life drawing. Here are some of our favorite books. You should also take the previous figure drawing class as an introduction. Drawing people should be often and live if possible. At our school, we have many drawing workshops and open labs throughout the week. Therefore you should make every effort to draw people. You undoubtedly see people every day, therefore draw them!


The importance of life drawing in animation.

Artists have been drawing from the human figure for thousands of years. How can you animate a human character unless you have studied human anatomy? There is no better way to learn to draw than drawing from people.  Basically, every art discipline will benefit from figure drawing.   Concurrently we understand that circumstances do not allow everyone to draw from life so we make this possible with our online program. However, things like worldwide pandemics can put a cramp in our life drawing so we have made our curriculum accordingly.  Basically, you can always draw from people because we are surrounded by people! People in the mall, the park, in your home, and online. There’s no excuse! If you don’t have a model or even the internet you can draw your own hands. Is your dad sleeping on the couch? Draw him, that’s figure drawing! Anywhere, anytime and anyplace!

Since human figure drawing is considered the pillar of draftsmanship, you should take this class seriously.

Some topics covered this Quarter will be:

  • -Gesture, Construction, and Details
  • -The basic shapes of the body
  • -Planes of the hands
  • -Planes of the Head and Face
  • -Drawing the Hands, Feet, Arms, and Leggs
  • Drawing the planes of the body
  • Speed drawing
  • Line quality
  • Simple anatomy
  • Conceptual drawing
  • sketching with shapes
  • Drawing from life
  • using video reference
  • creating from photo reference
  • Master copies


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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn figure drawing on your time
  • Learn from professionals
  • Boost your drawing skills
  • Get credit towards your diploma

Course Content

Introduction to figure drawing
Introduction to figure drawing, let's discuss the concept os drawing the gesture, construction, and details. Our approach to drawing the human figure.

  • Intoduction
  • Practice the basics – intro

Gesture for the beginner
The spirit of the pose as called by the great figure artist Carl Giants. let's learn to capture the gesture through e movement of the pose.

Construction for the bean and egg shape and cylinders for limbs
Let's learn the very basic shapes of construction for the human figure, to give your drawing form and structure.

Construction with corners boxes and cubes
More construction shapes, more defined form for you figure drawings.

Construction of overlapping shapes and combining shapes
Lets put all these shapes together in the correct proportions.

Basic planes of head and face
Here we break down the construction of the head and face

Basic planes of hands
In this session, we break down drawing the shapes of the hands.

Basic feet construction
Let's give proper shape and form to the feet by practicing breaking it down into its basic shapes and hot it constructs together.

In this session, we will give form to the shapes of the arms and talk about shadow and details.

Today we will learn to draw Legs using cylinders to give shape and form as opposed to flat lines.

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