Foundations 101

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About Course

Foundations 101

Foundation 101 is an online course designed to help students develop healthy study and lifestyle practices. These habits will follow them throughout their careers as a student and a professional. Let’s face it, the animation is a lot of work. That work often means lots of research and study. You need. to be able to study a subject and understand what you have learned. For example, say you are animating a scene of a fox. First, you need to study a fox. Secondly, you need to understand and assimilate the knowledge. Thirdly you must execute your knowledge into practical skills.  Only 1/3 of your work is visible. Unquestionably the majority of work was research and development!

Why can’t I just draw?

So you just want to draw and not study huh? Well, if you want to follow the great master animators you will discover that they all did tons of research before they animated! Read the illusion of life book by Frank Thomas to learn how Disney animators work. You will also notice from such classes as figure drawing and animal drawing that we are constantly using reference. We study the animals and learn about them before we animate them. Accordingly, we must prepare for a professional position by doing what the pros do. Additionally, we need to practice these hardcore study habits.  Foundations class is just that. It is a foundation for your budding animation career.

Some of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Creative note-taking
  • Assignments and research
  • Your Sketchbook
  • Keeping a proper workstation
  • Developing your portfolio
  • Reaching your artistic goals
  • Studying films
  • Becoming the best
  • Your health as an artist


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What Will You Learn?

  • Establish healthy habits as an artist early on in your career
  • Get the most out of your classes
  • get credit towards your degree

Course Content

Taking Notes Session 1
How and when to take notes in class and out.

  • Taking notes
  • Use this video to Practice
  • Note taking

Research and assignments Session 2
How to do research for your projects and turning in your assignments

Your sketch book and syllabus Session 3
How to keep your sketchbook, follow your syllabus, and understand your textbooks.

Your work station and google Session 4
Taking proper care of your work station, and navigating the Google suit

Your portfolio and reel Session 5
How to develop your portfolio and reel.

Reaching your goals Session 6
How to set up and reach your artistic goals!

Drawing fundamentals Session 7
Drawing fundamentals, terms, and concepts.

Studying films and books Session 8
How to watch and study films, stories, and books.

Introduction to Animation Session 9
Welcome to the world of animation!

Becoming the best! Session 10
Your health and your art!

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