Imagination Drawing

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About Course

"Creativity is another word for problem-solving" Leo Beltran, Lear to solve the problems of today and communicate the solutions in the universal language of illustration.


Learn to draw amazing creatures and fun inventions all from your imagination!

Neve suffer drawers block again from this informative and fun course that will push you to grow your creative muscles and develop potential skills that you never knew you had. This class is generally taken together with sketchbook 1.0 as the classes greatly complement each other.

What Will I Learn?

  • Jumpstart your creativity
  • learn to combat RS block
  • Increase your drawing skills

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

Getting Started

Getting Started8:05
How to turn in your assignments6:47

Introduction to imagination Drawing

Invention Schematic

Abstract painting of emotions

Creating a Monster

Visual Storytelling- the character and the frame

The Tree Exercise

The Fire creature

The Water Creature

The Hero’s Journey Thumbnails

The Three Panel Comic and the One Panel Comic

₹6,000 ₹4,000

Material Includes

  • Video instruction sessions
  • Rich content with links to reference the topics covered in the videos
  • Assignments to give practice and emphasize the points for the lesson
  • Weekly live sessions with your teacher to review assignments and keep you on track

Target Audience

  • Student of all ages
  • Students of all skill levels

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