Imagination Drawing

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About Course

Imagination Drawing

Learn to draw amazing creatures and fun inventions all from your imagination! Drawing from photos is what must students try to learn, but drawing from your imagination is much better!  Don’t want to be a slave to photographs! You want the freedom to create from your own ideas. As an artist, you need to express your thoughts and have people understand them. Most people believe you either have an imagination or you don’t. The truth is like any other muscle you can develop and grow your imagination! Imagine that!  Imagination drawing is all about tapping into your storytelling skills. It is a mixture of memory drawing and the studies you have made. For instance, you can’t draw an elephant dancing ballet unless you have first studied elephant anatomy. You also need to have had some ballet dancing reference in your head and of course, you should know how the human figure works. Once you have all of that, you can tap into that and draw straight from your head!

What about artist block?

Never suffer drawers block again from this informative and fun course that will push you to grow your creative muscles and develop potential skills that you never knew you had. This class is generally taken together with sketchbook 1.0 as the classes greatly complement each other. In order to understand imagination drawing, you need to experience artist who draws with their imagination. Take a look at the drawings of Heinrich Kley! He uses his wild imagination but it is based firmly on his studies of animals and people!  In order to really develop your imagination, you should take classes in figure drawing and animal drawing

The Topics covered in this course are:

  • Creativity is Problem Solving
  • How to create a Schematic diagram of an invention
  • How to express emotion in your art
  • Creating a Monster
  • Visual storytelling, the Character, and the frame
  • Drawing with shapes and color themes
  • The hero’s journey
  • The three-panel comic
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What Will You Learn?

  • Jumpstart your creativity
  • learn to combat RS block
  • Increase your drawing skills

Course Content

Getting Started
Watch this video on how to turn in your assignments and then go on to your first lesson

  • Turning in your assignments

Introduction to imagination Drawing
What is your imagination outlet? What is your forum? Creativity is problem-solving.

Invention Schematic
Learn to draw a diagram of a simple invention it can be elaborate or ridiculous and doesn't have to work.

Abstract painting of emotions
Drawing what you feel, how to draw to express emotion with color and line.

Creating a Monster
History of Monsters throughout the ages, and how to design your own monster.

Visual Storytelling- the character and the frame
We talk about storytelling using a character that you makeup yourself and then put your character in a situation that tells a story.

The Tree Exercise
Learn to come up with different shaped trees each one different and unique.

The Fire creature
Design a character that will involve the use of warm colors and a depiction of flames.

The Water Creature
Creating a character design for a water creature using the cool color pallet.

The Hero’s Journey Thumbnails
Come up with a story for a narrative picture and an illustration to go with it to learn the thumbnail process.

The Three Panel Comic and the One Panel Comic
Learn to create a standard 3-panel comic and a 1-panel gag comic.

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