Ink and Pain 301

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About Course

Ink and paint 301 is an online class that teaches the advanced practice of finishing the individual drawing for an animated film or illustration.

Inking and painting in animation is a Production process where the frames are painted. In the past when the animators complete the final drawings they ink and color it with black ink. But with the changing technology animators introduced a big range of color palettes rather than using a monochromatic scheme of black ink.

some of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Learning other people drawing styles
  • Copying master artists
  • Learning the various common styles of animation
  • Clean up, the preparation for inking
  • Timing your self and building speed
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What Will You Learn?

  • Bring your illustrations to a finished level
  • Get degree credit
  • Learn skill in a lucrative field

Course Content

Learn to draw other peoples style.
In this session, you pick a favorite character and copy the model sheet to learn how to do other people's styles.

  • Drawing other people’s style
  • Copy a model sheet session 1

Copying and mastering other artist style.
Lean-to copy and master other art styles.

The vector style of adventure time
learn to draw the simple vector style of adventure time.

Copying more complex styles
learn the complicated style of frozen.

TV Style animation
Learn the Tela Vision style of "The Simpson's"

Clean up
Learn to clean up a rough animation drawing preparing it for inking and coloring.

Speed for production
Working on speed, trying to get your clean up skills up to par.

Now learn to Ink the drawings you have cleaned up

Let's practice timing your self, and do as many as you can in an hour.

Putting it all together
For your final project, you will be given a model sheet to learn and animate a walk cycle, ink and color it.

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