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Sketchbook intro

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Sketchbook drawing

 The most important skill for an animator is their sketchbook!  Develop a habit of drawing every day. Artist throughout the ages have kept a book with their sketches. Take a look at the sketchbooks of Leonardo Da Vinci! He drew everything in life! People, animals, elements, and landscapes! Your book is just for you. It is a personal visual journal of your artist’s journey to becoming a master artist. 

Learn to draw from memory Imagination and life and fill your sketchbook with everything that comes into your head!

Never be bored again! This course is designed as an introductory course to help you unlock the secrets of becoming a great draftsman.  Learn to develop a healthy drawing habit to follow you throughout your life as a student and professional artist.  This class is designed for all levels of artists from students to professionals. Never again ask yourself the question “What should I draw?” With a pen in your hand, you will never find yourself bored or lacking inspiration again.

What should you draw?

  • family
  • pets
  • trees
  • landscapes
  • master copies
  • mirror drawings
  • hands
  • still life
  • imagination drawing

Draw everything and anything! Classes that can help you fill your sketchbook are figure drawing and animal drawing, but really anything can and should go in your sketchbook! This should be something fun and not a chore!  If you find yourself dreading drawing in your sketchbook, you are doing something wrong. Try to draw whenever you are bored. Are you waiting for someone in your car?  That’s the perfect time to sketch! Bored in a lecture or church service? Whip out your sketchbook! Don’t draw things you feel like you should draw but instead draw things you enjoy!

How do I start?

First, you must buy a sketchbook! Second, you need to buy some pens and pencils. Afterward, you need to go to a location. It’s that simple! Usually, artists draw in their houses or residence. During the morning you can set aside an hour to do your drawing. The most important thing is to do it daily.  After a period of 30 days, you will develop a drawing habit. Before you begin warm up with some doodles, next you can draw from your head, finally, you can challenge yourself. For example, draw your hand. In other words, draw whatever you see. Specifically, draw what is easy, however, you should vary your environment.

For example go on sketching trips, such as a trip to the mall or a park.  In other words, just draw! For example, if go on a walk you basically have a drawing trip without even knowing it!  Altogether everything you do can be a sketching opportunity!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Develop a healthy drawing habit
  • Learn to practice daily to rapidly increase your drawing skills
  • set a great platform to build on for your future as and artist
  • Never be bored again!

Course Content

How to turn in your assignments
Please watch this short tutorial before you attempt your first assignment.

  • Turning in your assignments

How to use your sketchbook to cultivate a daily drawing habit
How drawing in your sketchbook every day will help you to grow as an artist and all-around a creative person, and the 4331 challenge

Drawing from reference session 2
This week we will cover the importance of learning through drawing from a book, or reference drawing, and how to get the most out of drawing from a book.

Drawing from Life session 3
This session we will discuss subject Matter, how, where, and when to draw

Drawing from Imagination session 4
This session lets discuss how to find intriguing subject matter and what is imagination drawing

Drawing from Memory Session 5
What does drawing from memory entail, and how to get the most of your memory drawing. Also, let's review what we learned in this course and review your full sketchbooks!

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8 months ago
This is a great course for students wanting to Improve their sketching skills.