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How to turn in your assignments
Please watch this short tutorial before you attempt your first assignment.
How to use your sketchbook to cultivate a daily drawing habit
How drawing in your sketchbook every day will help you to grow as an artist and all-around a creative person, and the 4331 challenge
Drawing from reference session 2
This week we will cover the importance of learning through drawing from a book, or reference drawing, and how to get the most out of drawing from a book.
Drawing from Life session 3
This session we will discuss subject Matter, how, where, and when to draw
Drawing from Imagination session 4
This session lets discuss how to find intriguing subject matter and what is imagination drawing
Drawing from Memory Session 5
What does drawing from memory entail, and how to get the most of your memory drawing. Also, let's review what we learned in this course and review your full sketchbooks!
Sketchbook intro
About Lesson

Here are some links for you to look at as examples of good references for the different types of drawing you will be learning throughout this class. Make sure to go through all the link before doing the asignments.

  1. Michaelangelo sketchbook
  2.  Van Gogh
  3. Leonardo Davinci
  4. Animator concept sketchbook
  5. Fear of the first page of your sketchbook
  6. How to draw from books.
  7. How to draw form from reference
  8. Drawing from imagination
  9. Drawing from life-still life
  10. Drawing from life -people
  11. Memory drawing
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