Still Life 101

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About Course

Still life 101

Still life 101 online course is the first in this series of courses designed to give you a solid foundation in draftsmanship for animation. In this course, you will learn the hardcore discipline that will mold you into a super artist animator!  Accordingly, you will be learning about the history and importance of still life, and developing your drawing skills through the practice of using these important concepts in your art. There are many resources on still life drawing and we encourage you to seek them out. Believe it or not Still life drawing will make you better with figure drawing and even animal drawing.

  • Learn to accurately portray shapes and forms in your art,
  • Break down the construction of a piece
  • Show accurate perspective and depth
  • What is line quality
  • How to portray shading and light
  • The overall composition, and color.

But, what does still life have to do with animation?

Still life drawing is a tried and true form of painting and drawing for thousands of years. Generally, the artist must stand before the subject matter and take over 3-4 hours to get it right. You must master such things as composition, perspective, the contrast of shapes and textures, and overall draftsmanship.  Because the subject does not move you can really take your time and take many precise measurements. You will learn to eyeball the competition for maximum appeal. Unlike figure drawing, you can take as long as you want as the model will not grow tired. Consequently many a student will grow restless and tired by the first hour. This only shows the unskilled immaturity of the student, as a true master can spend days on the same still-life subject.

A fine artist means a fine animator!

So how does this benefit the would-be animator? This is a fine art skill that will help develop your composition and drawing skills. This will make you a better artist thus making you a better animator.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn still life on your time
  • Learn from professionals
  • Boost your drawing skills
  • Get credit towards your diploma

Course Content

History of still Life and Composition
Learn how and why still life came about

  • History of still life
  • The history of still life

Setting up your still life – composition part 2
How to set up your still life and getting started

Measurements and proportion_- comp part 3
Measuring things out, proportions and perspective

Storytelling with still life
Finding the gesture in still life

Shapes and forms construction
Construction is breaking things down into shapes and forms

Perspective and depth
Learning how to shoe perspective and depth in your still life piece

Texture and details
Adding the details to your still life drawing and taking it to finished

Shading, Light, Values, and Tones
Understanding lighting and how to portray it through values

Color, the warm and cool color renaissance pallet
Adding color to your still life

The three hour still life picture
Build your drawing endurance

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