Story Sketch 202

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About Course

Story Sketch 202

In this class, you will learn to draw compelling drawings.  As a sketch story artist, you must be able to draw and express gags as well as ideas. Engaging drawings will move the plot forward in an entertaining and visual way.  Audiences can get bored easily, so it’s up to you to keep them interested! Take a look at this article for a great description of a sketch story artist job. Story artists must come up with gags and simple story situations. They usually work from a script but can also work from a story meeting.  As a story artist, you should be familiar with the art of storyboarding. You need to be fast and your drawings should be direct and bold! 

Lots of Questions!

As a sketch story artist, you must ask a lot of questions! What do the characters look like? How do they talk? move? where are they at? All these questions must be answered visually! You must draw these situations and characters in the most appealing and entertaining way. The entertaining way does not mean just funny. It means your drawings connect with the audience. It means the audience and people who view your drawings are compelled to care about the characters. Your drawings must have a great concept as well as appealing drawings. The story must be simple but sincere. As a sketch story person, you are often the first one to look at a script or hear an idea, often before even the storyboard artist!

The prerequisite classes for this class include Figure Drawing 101 and Animation101 . You should feel very comfortable with quick sketching and story sketching. Classes like figure drawing and exercises like drawing from life in a sketchbook are a real plus!

You will learn, and more importantly, practice the following:

  • Drawing bold 
  • Drawing direct
  • Speed drawing
  • Accurate drawing
  • Rough sketching
  • Expressive drawings
  • Drawing endurance
  • Correcting your drawings
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What Will You Learn?

  • Drawing endurance
  • sketching speed and efficiency.
  • creativity building
  • Drawing from life
  • Drawing from Imagination
  • Sketching with shapes
  • Gesture drawing
  • Storytelling sketches
  • Creative skill building
  • Portfolio pieces
  • Drawing millage
  • Awesome drawing habits
  • Self-discipline

Course Content

Intro to story sketching: The Gag
What's funny and how do you visually communicate it as quickly and direct as possible, You are about to find out!

  • Story sketch session 1 introduction to the story sketch artist
  • story sketch 202 session 1 Intro to story sketch artist. The GAG

Story Sketch session2 Grandma and granddaugter
Sketching out a sentimental story that is touching and emotional with a grandma and her granddaughter.

Story Sketch session 3 Adult son and father.
Another situation that you need to make the audience feel like they have been in a similar situation! You got this!

Story Sketch 202 session 4 Child son and Father
Another wonderful positive feeling as a father holds his son!

Story Sketch session 5 Pastor and Congregation
Here's another interesting situation! This will be a fun story you can really put gags into it!

Story Sketch 202 session 6 Cop and Hippie
Ah the 1960s! Hippies were the stoned peace-loving nutty teenagers from a very difficult time in American history. This scene has plenty of interesting twists and turns for a visually entertaining story!

Story Sketch session7 PETA and the Meat eater
We are once again using contrasting ideologies as the two people clash in their core beliefs and things can get ugly, and maybe ever touching or perhaps funny!

Story Sketch 202 session8 Monster under the bed
In this weeks lesson you will draw a scary monster under the bed while a child is frightened and calling to his mother

Story Sketch 202 session9 Beautiful girl at bar
In this scene you are drawing an attractive women at the bar.

Story Sketch 202 session 10 Fat and skinny couple
A very very large person in love and married with a much smaller person. push the contrast!

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