Storyboards 201

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Storyboarding 201

As a storyboard artist you must be proficient in taking another’s story and developing it so it fits within the creator’s vision. You will need to work rough and loose and yet still create strong appealing drawings.

This next level of storyboarding class assumes that you have taken the basics of storyboarding and that the student is familiar with all the camera shots , this will free you to really express yourself by creating your own characters and environments.

The first sessions will include an in depth explanation of the assignment, later lessons will give you only the story for you to research and come up with your own unique storyboards.

This class will focus on the following points.

  • You will learn to caricature actual events in order to keep it appealing and entertaining.
  • Researching the resource material.
  • Using all the camera angles and interesting staging shots
  • The use of simple value for emotional impact
  • Written stories such as Asope’s fables that must be interpreted as visual storytelling
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to storyboard from a script or develop your own story for visual media
  • Get credit for your diploma in animation

Course Content

Intro to Aesop Fables
This is an introduction to the Greek Aesop fables, which you will be storyboarding.

  • The Wolf and Lamb
  • Session 1 Choose your favorite Aesop fable

Storyboarding a cultural story
In this session you will choose a story similar to the Aesop fables from a different culture around the world.

Storyboarding a memory using BME
In this session you will storyboard a personal memory using the structure of beginning middle end

Storyboarding a memory_meeting of your parents
In this session you will storyboard the story of how your parents met!

Storyboarding the turtle vs the rabbit
You will be storyboarding the Aesop fable of the tortoise and hare

Aesop fable the fox and the stork
You will storyboard the story of the fox and stork from Aesop's fables

Aesop fables the Lion and the Mouse
In this lovely session you will storyboard the story of the Lion and mouse, from of course Aesops fables.

The boy who cried wolf
In this session we, and by we, I mean you, will storyboard the Aesop fable The boy who cried wolf. Lots of great practice!

the cat and fox
the cat and fox is very dialog driven you must make it visually interesting!

Your own Aesop fable!
In this session you will make up your own Aesop fable! what ever you want as long as you follow the structure of the Aesop storytelling.

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