Our school offers mentoring and resources based on criteria in these seven categories. In each category, students will learn all necessary principles, ideas, and processes utilized in the professional animation and filmmaking industries.


explores the process of setting the stage and environment for the work. Students explore criteria such as camera shots/ transitions, foreground/ background and aspect ratio.

Visual Development

 explores the process of defining style and design of a work. Students explore criteria such as perspective, action paths, lighting/ atmosphere and setting.


 explores the art and technique of representing an object, figure, plan, or sketch. Students explore criteria such as lines, shapes, composition, still life/ objects, clarity and appeal. This covers drawing the nude human and animal figure from a live model.

CGI Specialties & Stop Animation

 explores the field of computer generated imagery, computer graphics and special effects as applied to the field. Students explore criteria such as modeling, programming/ scripting, compositing and effects.


explores the process of storyboarding and timing the action of the work prior to animating it. Students explore criteria such as the point/ premise of the work, defining the beginning/ middle/ end, set-up/ conflict/ resolution and plot construction.


explores the process of creating sequences of images and animating them. Students explore criteria such as timing, slow-in/ slow-out and squash and stretch.

Character Design

 Explores human and animal anatomical drawing, proportion and perspective. Students explore criteria such as genre/ story, personality and costumes.

Our Programs

Here at Dr.Beltran’s School of Animation and Visual Wonder we offer various programs that will fit your needs.  We have a wide range from 1 day workshops to 6 month certificate programs to our full 3 year Masters Animation program with the option to work for our studio at the end of the program! Our list of programs are as follows.

Weekend Seminars & Workshops

One day workshops and weekend seminars designed as either an introductory course or to those who just want to brush up on their skills. The classes include:

  • Introduction to  the Character Animation Industry
  • Animal drawing
  • Animation mechanics
  • Character Design
  • Figure drawing


Certificate Program (3-6 month)

This 3-6 month program covers all basics of animation from storytelling, concept, visual development, storyboards, character design, and animation.  Animation software will be covered as well as digital stylus pens and monitors. Movies will also be watched and dissected for storytelling purposes.

All topics will be intensely studied and applied. At the end of the program students are required to put a portfolio together of their work which will then be judged on a professional critique so that students can assess the quality of their work and whether it is up to industry standards.


Master Animation Program

This is an in-depth animation program designed for those who are passionate about animation and becoming the best in the industry and who would like the opportunity to work for Dr.Beltran Animation studio at the end of their studies, as so it requires an entry portfolio to be accepted.  

The Character Animation program supports animation that focuses on character development and narrative storytelling. The faculty admissions committee seeks portfolios that show evidence of strong, creative life drawing skills, artistic originality, and the potential to tell stories and develop characters using sequential imagery. The committee values artwork that reveals a unique and imaginative voice showcasing the applicant’s artistic interests and conceptual abilities.

We welcome a range of creative work, including drawings and other traditional artwork, 2D digital art, and computer graphics (CG). The Program in Character Animation requires a physical sketchbook be submitted. Observational and life drawings and other work should be submitted. Both the sketchbook and the online submissions are due by the application deadline

The Character Animation program is a three year-year program with a one year internship offered. Top students will be given the opportunity to work at the Dr.Beltran Animation Studio as a full time artist.