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    Speak to us and apply now!


      Animation is one of the most interesting and cutting-edge fields available for people with a knack for creativity. Whether you envision yourself to be a part of a leading organisation or start your animation studio, the Master Diploma in Animation course at Dr Beltran’s School of Animation and Visual Wonder will open doors for you.

      Our animation diploma courses can take you places, help you explore your creativity in one of the best industries in the world today. The master animation diploma helps you develop skills based on your dreams and aspirations. Join our course and find yourself a path to a great future in animation.

      The animation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries with more job options and opportunities to grow. There are many avenues open if you do animation diploma courses. Some of them include film, television, studio, web animation and design, and more. If you want to be part of this innovative field, we provide you with all the tools needed to be successful.

      Create a great profile, build a spectacular portfolio and hone your skills to meet the challenges of the new world. Dr Beltran’s School of Animation and Visual Wonder is one of the premium institutes in Bengaluru to learn all about animation.

      Our goal is to prepare you for the open but competitive animation industry. We love our craft and are passionate about teaching you the art of animation. If you want to be part of the learning, why wait? Learn more about our syllabus, know the diploma in animation admission eligibility, and enrol now!


      Diploma in Animation Program

      There are many diploma in animation courses at our school, while the three-year master animation diploma is the most comprehensive course available to make you an expert in the field. The program focuses on varied skills to enhance your understanding of animation. With each passing semester in this program, students get vital information and knowledge on four primary categories. The categories that students will have access to and learn about include:

      1. Draftsmanship and Drawing
      2. Paint Color and Composition
      3. Storytelling
      4. Animation

      In the three year program, after you meet the diploma in animation admission criteria, you can gather a wealth of knowledge. Just as part of the basics, you will have access to a world of information. Using your creative talents with animation and storytelling, you will soon start creating 2d and 3d animation. Also, our animation diploma courses will train you on different things such as fundamentals of art, animation and other skills, including:

      1. Traditional drawing and painting
      2. Still life drawing
      3. Figure drawing
      4. Colour theory
      5. Painting
      6. Composition
      7. Habitual sketchbook drawing

      Know your potential and gain the ability to convey your ideas through animation. Learn how to visualise images in motion so that your creations are realistic and match industry standards. By the end of our three-year master diploma in animation, you will have your portfolio and profile to display your work. This work will highlight your proficiency, creativity and skills associated with animation software knowledge and technologies. It will expose you to a world of opportunities. You can also take up the diploma in animation after the 10th standard if you have an eye for creativity.

      Diploma in Animation Course Highlights

      Animation diploma courses at Dr Beltran’s School will help you develop the vision of not just an animator but an artist. You will study different animation concepts, including storyboarding, stop-motion character animation, 2D, 3D, on-screen art creation, visual effects, post-production, marketing, distribution and more. Diploma in animation admission eligibility and other course highlights are as follows:

      Course Name  Master Animation Diploma Program
      Institute Name Dr Beltran’s School of Animation and Visual Wonder 
      Course Duration 3 Years
      Course Level  Masters Diploma
      Course Mode Online
      Course Location  Bengaluru
      Specialization  Animation and Multimedia
      Faculty  Experts/As per industry standards
      Animation Course Fees 2,00,000 INR per year
      Selection Process Merit-based
      Exam Pattern Semester
      Minimum Qualification  10th standard and above
      Course Concepts Basics of Visual Storytelling, Storyboarding, Gag Sketches, Figure Drawing, Animal Drawing, Stop-motion Animation, 3D, and more. 
      Portfolio Requirements 3-page figure drawing, 1-character design, 3-page drawing from life and urban sketching, pencil tests, and 10 pages from the current sketchbook
      Salary  As per industry standards 
      Employment Opportunities  Animator, Content Developer, Graphic Designer, VFX Artist, Web Designer, Storyboard Writer, Game Developer and more.
      Learning Applications  Procreate, Roughanimator, Lumafusion, Toonboom and other iPad applications. Davinci Resolve for Video Editing. 

      Why Choose Dr. Beltran School for Master Diploma in Animation

      Dr Beltran School of Animation and Visual Wonder is one of the leading schools in India, offering diploma animation courses with hands-on experience. A diploma from us will mean you have learnt the animation concepts and principles thoroughly and are ready to compete in the animation industry. We believe in the power of our students, and hence our experts help you develop advanced skills, practical experience and build networks to achieve your career goals. Here is why you should choose us:

      1. Diploma in animation after 10th: With this course, you can join in and get the Diploma in Animation after 10th standard. This means you are ahead of the pack, to begin with. You will have more experience and access to the latest tools and technology in the industry.
      2. Expert Faculty: We take pride in our faculty. We believe that our faculty is our backbone. Our team is passionate and focused and knows the pulse of the industry. They are constantly upgrading their skills so that they can keep you abreast with the latest. 
      3. Latest concepts and principles: As with most fast-growing industries, if you are not keeping pace with the latest, you run the risk of being made redundant. Therefore, it is vital to keep yourself in touch with what is new. The Master Animation Diploma’s syllabus is created to ensure that you are market-ready. 
      4. Practical experience: Bookish knowledge is great. However, until you get your hands dirty with the tools and the technology, all that knowledge will be underutilised and inefficient. Therefore, we try and get our students to have as much practical experience as possible.  
      5. Specialisation: Many institutes work on different aspects of animation while not focusing on specific specialisation. At Dr Beltran School of Animation and Visual Wonder, we focus on the domain, including training in character animation, figure drawing, animal drawing, and more. 
      6. Special workshops: We tend to conduct workshops for those that want a crash course in animation, and our students have access to all of them. So, apart from the regular program, you can also be part of our special workshops. 
      7. Animation community: In today’s day and age, we all know networking provides new and improved opportunities. People who have passed out from our institution are part of a rich community of experts in animation.  
      8. Affordable Animation Course Fees: The animation course fees in Bengaluru at our school is fairly priced for the access you get for all the information. It focuses on facilitating students with tools that will help them reap the benefits of their investment.

      Diploma in Animation Admission Eligibility Criteria

      The diploma in animation admission eligibility criteria for qualification at Dr Beltran School of Animation and Visual Wonder is 10th standard (any stream, arts, commerce, or science). That means, whether you are straight out of secondary school, want a career shift or upgrade skills, you can pursue animation courses with us. The animation course fee Bengaluru is affordable as you will develop practical animation knowledge and improve your creative and analytical thinking ability with this course. Here is what we look for in our students:

      • Basic understanding of human and animal anatomy
      • Portfolio with figure drawing, animal drawing, cafe sketches, character design and more
      • Presentation of the portfolio through a PDF or google site
      • Natural flair for film and visual storytelling
      • Interest in reading novels and other books
      • A sketchbook filled with creativity and art every month
      • Three years of dedication and continued hard work to achieve perfection

      Just come with the right mindset to Dr Beltran school and see yourself master the art of animation. Know about the Diploma in animation admission criteria before applying for the course.


      Master Diploma in Animation Tuition Fee

      Animation Course Fees Bengaluru: The fees for the full-time diploma in the animation program is 2 lakh per annum for three years. Students of this program are expected to complete the program within three years and pay their fees every semester.

      We accept applications for animation diploma courses quarterly. Enrolment is limited, so early applications will be considered first. Please contact us for more information on our upcoming enrollment period.

      Master Diploma in Animation Syllabus

      We take pride in our syllabus that is based on three “Holy” books of animation:

      1. Preston Blair, “Animation”
      2. Richard Williams, “The Animator’s Survival Kit” 
      3. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnstons’ “The Illusion of Life, The Art of Disney Animation.”

      Our animation diploma courses include over 180 detailed pencil tests from the bouncing ball to complicated emotions and expressions. These tests were designed by the great animation educator Dave Masters for the Rowland animation program. 

      The lessons for the syllabus are provided through an instructional video and followed by a live critique. Apart from providing different information in the following sections as described in the program details, such as:

      1. Draftsmanship and Drawing
      2. Paint Color and Composition
      3. Storytelling
      4. Animation

      As specified in our program, we focus on sections such as the following over the years, amongst other things: 

      • Basic fundamentals of art and animation
      • Animation, by its nature, is the cumulative expression of all the traditional arts 
      • Traditional drawing and painting.
      • Still life drawing
      • Figure drawing
      • Colour theory
      • Painting
      • Composition
      • Habitual sketchbook drawing 

      The most important thing that you will learn as part of the 3-year course is the 12 principles of animation that we focus on. These 12 basic laws and principles of animation were created by the Walt Disney Company in the 1920s. We teach these historic principles in a practical way. You will not only create animation but will also make your animation more appealing and alive.  

      The 12 principles of a Diploma in animation include: 

      1. Squash and Stretch
      2. Anticipation
      3. Staging
      4. Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose
      5. Follow Through and Overlapping Action
      6. Slow-in and Slow-out
      7. Arcs
      8. Secondary Action
      9. Timing
      10. Exaggeration
      11. Solid Drawing and Solid Posing
      12. Appeal

      To know more and get a sense of what you will learn as part of the 12 principles, refer to the CG Tarain site.

      Needless to say, this is a heavy load of information for a diploma in animation after 10th standard. We believe in providing the maximum learning to go out in the world and make yourself an expert animator. Get a lot of take-homes to form the Animation Course Fees that you pay. This is because we believe in you. 

      Our program includes a multi-prong approach of the following: 

      1. Looking at the instructional video
      2. Giving you the opportunity for critique
      3. Getting your hands dirty by doing it yourself

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      Master Diploma in Animation Instructors

      Leonardo Paul Beltan is the founder and CEO of Dr Beltran School of Animation and Visual Wonder in Bengaluru. Leo, along with other experts, runs the Diploma in animation courses. He worked as a character designer, storyboard artist and illustrator for various studios in Hollywood, California, including Dreamworks, Nokia, Avaya, Summit Entertainment and Image Studios.

      He studied art and animation in some of the most leading American institutes, including The Pasadena Art Center College of Design, the American animation Institute, The Santa Monica Academy of Entertainment and Technology, and the renowned Rowland Animation School in Southern California. Since then, he has been teaching art and animation in many schools including Los Angeles School of Art and Music, The Honokaa School on the Big Island of Hawaii and the University of the Nations Film school. Leo has contributed his talent to the entire animation and multimedia industry from featured animation and live-action and commercial to television shows.

      Leo moved back to India to start his own studio and help creative minds flourish. He chose Bengaluru to open his dream studio – Dr Beltran’s School of Animation and Visual Wonder to teach creative minds animation diploma courses. Students love how he teaches 2D and character animation in the traditional Disney style, which cannot be found in any other school. Moreover, Leo also looks forward to hiring students for all his animation projects after completing their training and courses.

      India is becoming a hub for game developers, 3D animators in Web Design, Films and Television and more. This is the right time to jump in the pool and achieve your dreams of becoming one of them. Join our master diploma in an animation course at Dr Beltran School of Animation and Visual Wonder and let your creative juices flow.