Learn to develop characters with incredible depth and international appeal in this online course sought by industry professionals.


Character concept development 201

This 10 sesion class will make use of the prehistoric animals and people from millions of years ago. You will create your own characters using other artist references as well as bones of long extinct creatures.

Bring to life an assortment of very strange and odd shaped creatures, that you can twist and tweak to create your own designs while staying consistent with the dinosaurs basic structure.

Push a pose to a place where you feel uncomfortable and then dialing it back to something you like. The art of pushing a pose and character design is perfect for dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

In this fun course you will cover an array of topics including the following.

  • Using simple geometric shapes to create characters
  • Making an appealing drawing from a very odd and strage reference
  • Using your imagination to create a character that no one has really seen  with distinct personality and emotions
  • The use of gestural drawing to give life and foundation for your character design
  • Learning to draw in a rough loose form and not a rigid flat design. 

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