Learn and practice figure drawing with us. Figure drawing an essential skill for all artist and animators. Lear form some of the best figure drawing artists in the World!


Online figure drawing course

This course is an online beginning figure drawing course for degree credit where you can practice figure drawing online. This course is offered to our first-year students or any artist who has completed Figure Drawing 102 and would like to continue their studies.

Practicing Figure Drawing online is one of the most important skills you will learn as an aspiring artist, especially for animation training. Figure drawing is taken every quarter for all three years of our diploma course. This the third figure drawing class in our diploma course. If you haven’t taken the intro to figure drawing course I highly recommend you take that course first. This course can be taken for diploma credit or just as an independent enrichment class.

Some of the focus topics of this course are:

  • Drawing the average figure.
  • Drawing the large and fat figure
  • Drawing the skinny and bony figure
  • Drawing babies
  • Drawing little children
  • Drawing older children
  • Drawing older people
  • Adult body types male
  • Adult body types female

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